Organize a fundraising

The pursuit of our mission to help children and families from vulnerable backgrounds depends on the involvement of individuals and businesses who organize various fundraising events to benefit Les Petits Renards of Verdun. Every action counts; what is important is that the community mobilizes for our children.

Examples of fundraising events


  • Donate your birthday
  • Use your talents for the cause
  • Garage sale or bazaar
  • Silent auction
  • Quiz
  • Are you game?!
  • Your best ugly sweater.


  • Benefit dinner (spaghetti, hot dog, barbecue...)
  • Dinner cruise
  • Corn roast or BBQ outside
  • Sale of coffee and muffins to employees or in a CPE to parents in the morning.
  • Sale of pastries, jams, homemade sauces, etc.
  • Come dine with me


  • Gala for business people and entrepreneurs
  • Office party for the benefit of Les Petits Renards
  • Payroll deductions program
  • Open house day
  • Lunch conference
  • "Jeans" or "colour" day in a company


  • Sport challenge
  • Benefit sports tournaments (golf, soccer, volleyball...)
  • Marathon, walk-a-thon, zumba-thon, cyclo-thon...
  • Dance party
  • Bowling night
  • Board game or video game night


  • Varnishing for the benefit of Les Petits Renards
  • Sale of works of art
  • Theatre play
  • Movie projection in a park
  • Karaoke night
  • Book sale
  • Artist's show


  • Sale of flowers, plants, cuttings, seedlings...
  • Collection of returnable containers
  • Chocolate sale
  • Collection and sale of prom dresses
  • Hand car wash in partnership with the fire brigade

Need ideas, advice?

Contact us and we will help you in the realization of your fundraiser for the children of the Greater South-West of Montreal.

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