Guignolée 2019

Thank you all for your generous and growing participation in the

Guignolée Dr Julien to benefit Les Petits Renards of Verdun.

$ 40000

of donations raised in 2019.


For our next edition, help us go even further. See you on December 12, 2020.

"Because all children have the right to develop to their full potential."

Once again this year, Dr. Julien’s Guignolée takes place on the streets of Verdun, Île-des-soeurs and Atwater Market, so that our Petits Renards can continue to benefit from quality clinical services and all the help they need.

The Verdun Social Pediatrics Centre is much more than a medical clinic. Above all, it is a space where the bonds are forged with and around the child and his family.

Thank you once again for helping us make a difference through your donations, which allow us to take our values even further.

Souvenir videos of our volunteers

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