“The Character” Introductory theatre workshop – capsule 2

"The Character" Introductory theatre workshop - capsule 2

In a previous introductory theatre capsule entitled “Emotions”, we introduced you to our favourite actress duo, Mylène Mackay and Daphnée Côté-Hallé. These two friends offer us their time and their teaching by sharing exercises to do at home with the family.

This new video capsule “The Character”, invites us to integrate the emotions of the first workshop by playing one or more characters of our choice. Mylène and Daphnée teach us how to observe and act by addressing physical characteristics, actions and emotions.

List of action games to download.

And don’t hesitate to share in large numbers this video signed “Les Microcosmes” by Daphnée herself.

All our videos are on our Youtube channel “Les Petits Renards CPSC Verdun”.

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