Academic perseverance

Promote well-being at school and academic perseverance.

"To equip children, parents and teachers, and to accompany them in a process of mutual aid is our priority."

The main objective of our program, A boost to my success, is to promote the well-being, motivation at school and academic perseverance of children with psychoaffective and cognitive challenges that impact their learning.

We offer group activities within school, around the recognition, identification and management of emotions, cognitives challenges, individual collaborative interventions, small group activities, awareness raising, and provide free access to compensatory material and tools. We rely on group support, peer-emulation involvement of parents and school professionnals, to develop links of mutual aid and support.

Through this program, we are complementing and strengthening a service offer that does not exist enough on the Verdun and Lasalle territory, with regard to medico-social support for children with psychoaffective and cognitive issues. We are working closely with the school board to develop workshops within the schools of our neighbourhood.

More precisely, the “Boost to my success” program offers vulnerable Verdun primary school-age children and their families, accompanied by the Petits Renards and/or referred by partner schools :

  • group-class activities (emotions, metacognition) to identify and educate children, promote discussion and mutual aid.
  • an offer of specialized assessments (cognitive, sensory, psychological) and personalized recommendations.
  • individual and group personalized follow-up aimed at improving their learning, fostering their investment and motivation, their well-being and self-confidence in school.
  • compensation material and thematic books to equip the children and their families.
  • activities aimed at raising awareness and supporting those working closely with the child (parents, teachers) about learning difficulties and ways of tackling, overcoming and reducing them.

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