Artistic activities

Artistic activities as a developement tool.

"To provide children with new spaces for expression and creativity at no cost."

Artistic activities are a powerful tool that promotes the harmonious development of children, both emotional and cognitive, social interaction, cultural inclusion, expression and communication. The community pediatric center of Verdun, Les Petits Renards, has made free access to art one of its priorities by developing a dedicated program for children.

Our objective is to offer a panel of artistic workshops, using different mediums, in order to give children the maximum chance to find “their art” and to accompany them throughout their learning process.

More specifically, we are developing various projects as part of our artistic practice program:


  • Sing me a story: in collaboration with Harmonie Richelieu of Verdun, we offer introductory group workshops to introduce children to musical practice. The goal is to get them to create the musical universe around a previously chosen tale.
  • Loans and donations of musical instruments for children who develop a specific interest in music.
  • Individual accompaniment of children to help them discover musical practice.


  • Introductory group workshops in theatre interpretation in collaboration with 2 volunteer actors, Mylène Mackay and Daphnée Côté Hallé.

Creative workshops

  • Various creative workshops are offered to children throughout the year, thanks to the involvement of our volunteers who are committed to helping children discover the pleasure of creating. We collaborate with Papangue Atelier Créatif in this project.

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Integrated social medicine

Assessment and orientation meetings are the core of practice in social pediatrics.

Academic perseverance

Equipping children, parents and teachers and accompanying them in a process of mutual aid is our priority.

Healthy lifestyle

Sensitize and empower children and parents to healthy and responsible lifestyle habits.

Childhood Family Center

To create a space to welcome and accompany children and families from Verdun.

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