Childhood Family Center

Childhood Family Center, a space for everyone.

The year 2018 was marked by the opening of the Childhood Family Center, a reception and support space for children and families in Verdun. Space that we share with 4 other organizations, all having the same mission, the same values. A space that allows us today to develop promising collaborations, facilitating the implementation of activities open to families in Verdun and elsewhere.

Nursing Stop

Since September 2019, the Childhood Family Center has been hosting, in collaboration with the CLSC of Verdun and Nourri-Source Montréal, breastfeeding breaks, open to all families with a newborn baby, without restriction.

Sharing Days

The doors of the Family Childhood Center are open freely to children aged 0-5 years and their parents to take full advantage of our specialized, fun and adapted rooms for toddlers. Motor activities, reading and free games are offered.

Outdoor equipment loan center

The Childhood Family Center aims to promote healthy lifestyles and outdoor activities. Thanks to the lending center of the Pause Parents-enfants organism, children and parents can benefit from year-round loans of outdoor equipment.

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Integrated social medicine

Assessment and orientation meetings are the core of practice in social pediatrics.

Academic perseverance

Equipping children, parents and teachers and accompanying them in a process of mutual aid is our priority.

Artistic activities

To offer children new spaces for expression and creativity at no cost.

Healthy lifestyle

Sensitize and empower children and parents to healthy and responsible lifestyle habits.

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