Integrated social medicine

Integrated social medicine

Assessment and orientation meetings are the core of practice in social pediatrics.  The Petits Renards interdisciplinary team welcomes children and families accompanied by significant adults in the child’s life: members of the extended family, representatives of schools, CPEs, youth protection department.  The child is present at the meetings and his voice is at the centre of the exchanges. 

The child is monitored for as long as necessary, medically, psychosocially and legally. These 3 disciplines work together to act effectively with the child and his family.

Health monitoring

The health monitoring includes an examination of the child on all levels: physical, psychological, emotional, social and linguistic. The doctor, always assisted by a social worker, takes advantage of the closeness to the child to decode the messages he/she sends and verify hypotheses in order to obtain a complete diagnosis.

Psychosocial and psychoeducational follow-up

Social workers or psychoeducators systematically participate in the medical follow-up by determining the psychosocial needs of the child and those around. In addition to the follow-ups offered, the personalized accompaniment that follows includes stimulation groups, home or school visits and regular calls. 

Legal services

When the clinical team detects that the child’s rights are being ignored or that the basic needs are being neglected, a lawyer at the centre is immediately put in touch with the family. The lawyer assesses the best method of dispute resolution to be initiated. 

Educational monitoring

Educational services are offered in our centres to bring children out of isolation, to put them in contact with caring adults and to bring them to have fun and flourish. These activities are also used to identify young people who could benefit from the care offered by community social pediatrics.

Specialized services

Some children with more complex problems require specialized services. These allow a more precise diagnosis, making it easier to get the child back on track as quickly as possible. 

Art therapy

Art therapy and music therapy respond to children’s needs by integrating reflection and expression. The children express their emotions and represent their questions and anxieties, which allows them to play down their emotions and to practice safely how to control themselves. 

Mentoring and community services

Mentoring services such as … are deployed to foster supportive, sharing and learning relationships involving caring adults in the children’s daily lives. 

External services

Several services are offered externally to meet specific needs, thanks to close ties with partner institutions or organizations. 

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Academic perseverance

Equipping children, parents and teachers and accompanying them in a process of mutual aid is our priority.

Artistic activities

To offer children new spaces for expression and creativity at no cost.

Healthy lifestyle

Sensitize and empower children and parents to healthy and responsible lifestyle habits.

Childhood Family Center

To create a space to welcome and accompany children and families from Verdun.

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