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No matter how you choose to get involved, together we will make a difference.

David Lametti, member of parliament for LaSalle, Ville-Émard, Verdun and Minister of Justice with Jean-François Parenteau, mayor of Verdun at the Guignolée Dr. Julien to benefit Les Petits Renards - December 15, 2018 in Verdun

Every day at Les Petits Renards, we take action to reduce the toxic stresses that many children still experience, and give them the same chance and opportunities to develop their full potential in life.

We can’t do it alone. As a charitable organization, we mobilize our network to build a protective circle around the child. We need the generosity of our donors and the passion of our volunteers to help us achieve our mission.

Our volunteers, at the centre of our approach.

Creative workshop at a block party in Verdun 2018, organized by the Table de concertation of Verdun

Our volunteers team up with Les Petits Renards’ counsellors. They are an integral part of the team and help create the protective circle around the children.

Several ways to get involved as a volunteer

Groupe maire +

Guignolée Dr. Julien for the benefit of Les Petits Renards

Every year, more and more of you brave the weather and share with us the Guignolée Dr Julien adventure to benefit Les Petits Renards of Verdun. Thank you for contributing to this event that is so important to us.

To become a volunteer contact us directly

Visit our programs and services

Integrated social medicine

Assessment and orientation meetings are the core of practice in social pediatrics.

Academic perseverance

Equipping children, parents and teachers and accompanying them in a process of mutual aid is our priority.

Healthy lifestyle

Sensitize and empower children and parents to healthy and responsible lifestyle habits.

Childhood Family Center

To create a space to welcome and accompany children and families from Verdun.

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