Strategic planning

Strategic planning

Why ?

A strategic planning is a governance process that makes it possible to determine in advance the future of the organization over a given period of time, to define the development priorities and the means to be implemented (human, financial and material resources, partnership, etc.).

How to develop it?

The strategic planning process is intended to be ecosystem-based and is built on a realistic portrait of the organization’s various systems (clientele, partners, community resources, public policies) and on a detailed analysis of its own operations at all levels.

The social pediatric centre in the community of Verdun, Les Petits Renards, involved children, families and partners in the development of its 2020-2025 strategic plan.

The 4 main orientations in brief

Orientation 1

A service offer that is as close as possible to the needs of Verdun's children, in cooperation with local stakeholders.

Orientation 2

Children and families involved and mobilized in the defence of their rights.

Orientation 3

Territory and proximity, for services close to children.

Orientation 4

Ensuring sound governance, administrative and financial management.

Document - Strategic planning

The document « Planification stratégique 2020-2025» will soon be available  

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