A huge thank you to our wonderful team of volunteers.

Summer 2019 - Activity "Move and Grow" with Matthieu Proulx, our sport ambassador and Claire Vercheval, professionnal volleyball player

Our Verdun social pediatrics centre, Les Petits Renards, could not carry out its actions with children and teenagers without the invaluable support of volunteers throughout the year. Our volunteers are involved in various fields such as the implementation and realization of activities for children (educational, artistic, sports, cultural, …), administrative and logistical support and in the organization and realization of philanthropic events such as the Guignolée des Petits Renards in December each year.

The children of Les Petits Renards can also count on the involvement of mobilizing and unifying people who give us their time and skills to offer the children new opportunities for their full development.

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Guignolée Dr. Julien for the benefit of
Les Petits Renards

Every year, more and more of you brave the weather and share with us the Guignolée Dr Julien Fundraiser adventure to benefit Les Petits Renards of Verdun, which mobilizes close to 150 volunteers. Thank you for contributing to this event that is so important to us.

Special thanks to our project volunteers

Matthieu Proulx

Collaborator to the "Move and Grow" project of our healthy lifestyle program.

Former Montreal Alouettes marauder from 2005 to 2010, Grey Cup champion in 2009 and 2010, Vanier Cup winner (2003-2004), Matthieu Proulx continues, since 2011, his career as host and sports reporter for Réseau des Sports (RDS), Radio-Canada and 91.9FM.

Passionate about his field and recognized for his exemplary leadership, Mathieu decided in the spring of 2019 to get involved with the CPSC – Les Petits Renards by giving sports activities as part of the “Bouger et Grandir” project of our program aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle habits. 

He believes that every child should have the same chances of success in life. According to this father of two young girls, “It is essential to offer constant and comprehensive support to children in order to allow them to develop to their full potential, and this is what social pediatrics offers.”

Collaborators in the "Introduction to Theatre" project of our artistic practice program.

“My name is Daphnée and I’m an actress and visual artist. I’ve been involved in the world of arts since I was a child, thanks to my clown mother, and theatre soon became an integral part of my life. Concerned about passing on this enriching passion to young people who might feel the need, the theatre workshops at Les Petits Renards are a perfect opportunity for me!

Empathy and creativity are constantly what I try to develop in my daily career, but also in future workshops. This is the beauty of theatre in my opinion; developing tools that will serve us in all spheres of our lives!

Mylène and I form a motivated team, complementary in our approaches, who wish to share our passion for acting with you! » —>

Mylène Mackay and Daphnée Côté-Hallé

My name is Mylene Mackay and I’m an actress. Acting has been my passion since I did my first play at the age of 10. I’ve always loved to observe people, ask them lots of questions in order to better understand them and above all I love to tell stories. I wanted to share my passion for the human and the art of play with the youth of Les Petits Renards, because I believe that the practice of any art form can be revealing and transform our vision of the world, especially at a young age.

In addition to bringing a great deal of fun and playfulness to our lives, theatre helps develop a child’s imagination and creativity, helps them discover their emotions, and creates unique bonds with their playmates.

And who knows, maybe just like us, they’ll get the bug and the desire to pursue an artistic path. At least, that’s one of our wishes to Daphne and me; to sow small sparks of possibility.”

Amandine Dijoux

Collaborator in the project "the art of creating with our hands" of our art practice program.

She is the creator behind “Papangue atelier créatif”, passionate about creative and manual activities of all kinds. In other words, a true all-rounder with a single motto: “The art of creating with your own hands.”

At the beginning of the confinement, Amandine collaborates with us and shares her artistic ingenuity to keep our Little Foxes and their families occupied. Her workshops are currently based on virtual tutorials and live performances but we hope to have artistic gatherings soon, during the summer.

Originally from Réunion, it is a bit of her island that she brings with her in her creative workshops. A real melting pot of smiles, sun, warmth, but above all creative richness.

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