Programs and Services

Through these programs, we aim to achieve our mission:

"To enable every child to develop to their full potential."

Through these programs, we place at the center of our support, the child, the family, and all the actors revolving around the child, by relying on the strengths of each one.

We always develop our programs in consultation with all the actors in the community in order to propose a varied, concerted and coherent service offer and to act as early as possible, in the first years of a child’s life. Quality partnerships are a major asset in promoting the early detection of children.

An interdisciplinary approach

Community social pediatrics is an interdisciplinary and intersectoral approach that brings together the expertise of medicine, law and social work in one place. This way, we identify, reduce or eliminate stressors that affect the development of children from vulnerable backgrounds.


Who is the CPSC - Les Petits Renards of Verdun for?

Children who first meet the following criterias:

  • Verdun Residents
  • 0 to 14 years of age
  • In a vulnerable situation

As well as: 

  • To children not attending existing structures of the public network
  • Children and families requiring special support
  • For refugee claimant children receiving the Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP)
  • To children with difficulties in the different spheres of their development

What are we offering?

The CPSC offers a quick, personalized and concerted intervention to children and parents in Verdun.

The Verdun CPSC offers services that complement the resources that already exist in the network (schools, CIUSSS, Youth Centers, community organizations, etc.).

Medical and psychosocial co-intervention is the very essence of our practice.

For any service request

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Integrated social medicine

Assessment and orientation meetings are the core of practice in social pediatrics.

Academic perseverance

Equipping children, parents and teachers and accompanying them in a process of mutual aid is our priority.

Artistic activities

To offer children new spaces for expression and creativity at no cost.

Healthy lifestyle

Sensitize and empower children and parents to healthy and responsible lifestyle habits.

Childhood Family Center

To create a space to welcome and accompany children and families from Verdun.

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